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Northwest Catholic’s Thursdays in the City

In a segment on NBC 30, see students at Northwest Catholic sharing time with kids at the Green House.

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17 Protesters Arrested After Blocking Hartford Intersection During Rush Hour – Hartford Courant

This is an excerpt from an June 8 article on The Hartford Courant.

HARTFORD — Police arrested 17 protesters who blocked Central Row during rush hour Monday afternoon as part of a Moral Monday demonstration.

The protest began at 4 p.m. as protesters locked arms and stood in the street. Many held signs saying “Black Lives Matter.”

The protesters chanted and refused to leave despite warnings from police, but otherwise remained calm and peaceful. Police began making arrests about 4:50 p.m. and loading people into vans. Police Chief James Rovella said the 17 taken into custody would be charged with disorderly conduct.

Those attending the protest said it was held as part of the Black Lives Matter movement aimed at making changes to the criminal justice system, prisons, schools and housing they believe will help the African American community. The protesters were a mix of young and old and black, white and Hispanic.

Read the full article at The Hartford Courant.

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Hartford Couple Devoted To Serving North End’s Poor: ‘All We’re Doing Is Loving’ – Hartford Courant

This is an excerpt from an article that appeared in the May 22 Hartford Courant.

Jackie Allen-Doucot grew up with eight siblings in Hartford’s South End, and as a young woman, she thought she’d have a big family, too.

She and her husband, Chris, had two sons after they married in their early 20s, and not long after that, they started an after-school and Saturday morning program for children in Hartford’s North End.

“We do feel like we have a bigger family than our two,” Jackie said.

The couple and their friend Brian Cavanaugh bought an abandoned house on Clark Street in 1993 and turned it into St. Martin de Porres Catholic Worker House of Hospitality — a home base for their life’s work fighting injustice, promoting nonviolence and serving the poor who live around them.

Read the entire article at The Hartford Courant

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Is This What the Kingdom of God Is Like? – OnFaith

An except from an article by Chris onfaithstreet.com.

In Matthew 10, Jesus sends out the apostles, exhorting them to declare unambiguously “the kingdom of heaven is at hand.” As I type these words, it’s a crisp morning. Spring has finally sprung and so snowdrops have replaced snow banks at the foot of the fence. A rain shower at dawn has left pools for the songbirds, which are now serenading me.

My office is three stories up, and so my office window frames a masterpiece: a pallet of maple branches pregnant with orange and crimson buds eager to burst with new life. In the serenity of this moment, it is easy to believe that the kingdom of Heaven is at hand. But then the melodies of nature are interrupted by the piercing shrill of a fire truck (really, I can hear a siren now) exiting the station on the corner. In Hartford, the fire department are the first responders, so I wonder: “Has someone been shot?”

The kingdom: a false promise?

Several people in our circle have been shot over the years. There was Mark, a street person with schizophrenia, a heroin addiction, and an eagerness to be helpful. I once stood between him and a kid who was maybe 16 years old who was pointing a gun at him and threatening to kill him. The kid pistol whipped me and took off. Mark’s life was spared that day only for him to be shot dead six months later.

There was Herbie, the boy who at 13 couldn’t tell me what he wanted to be when he grew up . . . maybe because he knew he wouldn’t. At 17, he was shot and bled out in a gutter.

There was K.J., who was gunned down on his own porch while his mother was inside watching television. His father, a firefighter, was working the night the call came in that there had been a shooting at his address. K.J. was only 14.

How is it that children can be gunned down in the kingdom of Heaven?

Read the full article on faithstreet.com.

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Why Racism Is America’s True Original Sin – OnFaith

An excerpt from an article by Chris on faithstreet.com.

For the last 25 Good Fridays, our community has prayed the Stations of the Cross outside the gates of the U.S. Naval Sub Base in Groton, Connecticut. The Sub Base is home to a fleet of nuclear submarines and a museum glorifying the first nuclear submarine, the U.S.S. Nautilus, and the missiles it threatened humanity with.

As we walk this modern Via Dolorosa, we recall how Christ continues to be crucified today. In years past, we prayed for Christ crucified by drones strikes, Christ scourged by water boarding, Christ crucified by Shock and Awe, Christ crucified by poverty because we have not heeded president Eisenhower’s warning and have not only picked guns over butter, but bombs over bread.

Over the years our prayers have sometimes included nonviolent acts of civil disobedience. I have been arrested at the Sub Base and at Electric Boat, where these weapons of mass destruction (dubbed “ovens without walls” by retired Catholic archbishop of Seattle Raymond Hunthausen) are built, many times — as has my wife and my late mother-in-law (a WWII vet).

This past Good Friday we decided to pray for Christ crucified disguised as black men and women who have been killed by the police.

All this getting arrested has led to our having something of a relationship with officers from the local police force. Spending hours in the back of a cruiser or in a holding cell with a cop who’s curious as to why I would get arrested with my 75-year-old mother-in-law. Turns out, that’s a rather conducive atmosphere for testifying about faith, about believing that only God can protect us, about the imminent threat these weapons pose to world peace, and about our affirmative moral obligation to say “no” before they are ever used, again.

Read the full article at faithstreet.com.

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Summer 1993 Online

The newsletter we published in Summer of 1993 is now online as part of our effort to put all our older newsletters online.  You can access it directly here.

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