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Egged on

Among the Saturday activities: coloring eggs. Outdone only by candy eating this week.

Angel dips a two-tone egg in the dye.

Paola offers up a design straight from Ital.

Michael decorates an egg.

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Green House friends

My first Saturday at the Green House, I met Chris sitting on the front porch. After I introduced myself and we talked for a while, he said, “Go in and make some friends.” A couple years later, that’s still the way it works, whether you arrive from down the street, West Hartford or Italy.

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Spring is creeping into the activities at the Green House. We may still have some cold days, but it’s only a matter of time until the flowers poke through.

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Catherine plays defense

Congratulations to Catherine and Weaver on a nice run in the state tournament. The team lost to Cromwell in the semis, but won the game pictured here at Nonnewaug in overtime. Catherine missed a bunch of games midseason because of a back injury, but once she came back was one of the driving forces on the team’s tournament run.

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Training opportunity

On Saturday, January 26, from 9:30-Noon, Mitch Beck Professor & Chair of the Dept. of Special Education will offer a training for all of our volunteers.

The training will deal with how to address kids’ behavioral issues.  The major focus will be on understanding power struggles and how we get caught in them. We will also discuss how to change these conflict cycles into coping cycles.

The training will be held at the Purple House, 26 Clark St.

Please make an effort to join us, especially if you are involved in the after school program.

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High school basketball

Here are some of the kids who are playing basketball. Click through for a schedule:

Catherine (senior) is playing varsity at Weaver. She injured her back going for a loose ball last week, and her return to the court is TBD. Schedule

Deandre is playing varsity at Cromwell. Schedule

Dawn is playing JV (I think) at Cheney Tech (again, I think). Double-check with her before going to a game. Schedule

Sylvester is playing freshman or JV at Weaver. Schedule

Naseem is playing freshman and JV at Bulkeley. Schedule

If you know of anybody else or have additional detail on the kids above, please let me (Matt) know.

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